Crystal Sky

Chihuahuas for sale


Rambler,  D.O.B. 05/29/2015    $250.00
CKC toy male

Scooter,  5/12/2015                $400.00
CKC tcup male
estimated adult weight 3 lbs.


Reddy,  D.O.B. 05-29-15     $300.00
CKC toy female

Velvet, hold Shirley

Velvet,   D.O.B. 05/10/2015    $600.00
CKC tcup long coat female
estimatted adult weight 3-4 lbs.
Nick,   D.O.B.   12/12/2014   
CKC toy male      $100.00
estimated adult wt. 6 lbs.


Reese,  D.O.B. 05/29/2015
CKC toy long coat male


Rasco, 05/29/2015             $250.00
CKC toy long  coat male

Sassy,  5/12/2015         $400.00
CKC toy female
estimated adult weight 5 lbs.


Robin,  D.O.B. 05-29-2015       $300.00
CKC toy female
Viva, hold Pat
Viva,   D.O.B. 05/10/2015    $700.00
CKC tcup long coat female
estimated adult weight 2-3 lbs.

Prices include sales taxes and credit card fees (credit cards accepted thru PayPal). All puppies will go to their new home pre-spoiled, happy and healthy with age appropriate vaccinations and deworming. Declaws are removed, micro chipping offered. Delivery available. For additional information visit the pages listed in the Navigation on the left or feel free to contact me.

No puppy will be held without a deposit, visit the Pricing page for additional information.
Puppies will not be held past 10 weeks of age.